The Golden Lamb Inn - Lebanon Ohio

The Haunted Golden Lamb Inn

The History

The Golden Lamb is recognized as the oldest continuously operating business in the State of Ohio. On December 23, 1803, Jonas Seaman spent $4 for a license to operate a "house of Public Entertainment". The Golden Lamb got its name due to the fact that many early pioneers could not read, so giving a business a name that could be easily drawn and recognized, such as the Black Horse or Golden Lamb, was a necessity.

The brick building where the Golden Lamb moved to and currently resides was built in 1815. The original building was a two story structure located where our lobby area and Dickens dining room currently stand. In 1844 a third story was added. Shortly after, in 1854 a three story wing was added which is where our Shaker and Buckeye room dining rooms currently stand. In 1878, a fourth story was added to accommodate the workers who would bring the railroad to Lebanon. The gift shop and Black Horse Tavern were added to the structure in 1964.

The Golden Lamb was visited by so many prominent guests in the early 1800's because it was located halfway between Cincinnati and the National Road (U.S. 40). Robert H. Jones' ownership of the property beginning in 1926 marked the transformation of the old hotel into the great attraction and marvelous restaurant it is today. Under their guidance, the inn's great reputation became well known throughout the country. Their ownership also marked the restoration of the hotel to its original name, The Golden Lamb.

You will also find there is one room named Sarah, who happens to be one of The Golden Lamb’s resident that never has checked out.
The Hauntings

There is rumored to be two ghosts at The Golden Lamb. One of them is the aforementioned Sarah, who was the young niece of the Inn’s manager at the time, Isaac Stubbs. Oddly, since the ghost seems to be of a young girl, the real Sarah actually grew up  to a ripe old age. No one is sure why it is thought to be Sarah’s ghost. Some think it can be another child, while speculate that it is the ghost of a girl named Eliza Clay, daughter of Henry Clay. Eliza had died in the hotel from a high fever in 1825. Perhaps we will never know for certain whom the ghost really is. However, the ghostly activity is mainly located in Sarah’s Room. The ghost appears as a young girl in a white nightgown and has been known to knock pictures off the walls and make noise and feet stomping.

To commemorate their sweet spirit resident, there is even a museum room containing a couple of pieces of children’s furniture once owned by her, along with additional period furniture, pictures, and other artifacts. The first such “Sarah’s Room” was located on the fourth floor next to the stairs. Unfortunately, guests either blocked the stair traffic as they viewed the display or else missed their footing when they glanced at it on their way downstairs. As a consequence, the exhibits were moved to a room across the hall. Reportedly, that was when the “haunting” began

The second ghost of the Golden Lamb is believed to be Charles R. Sherman, an Ohio Supreme Court Justice who died at the inn in 1829. The ghost is described as a "gaunt, gray man" who appears in the hallways. You can even smell his cigar smoke, although the Golden Lamb is a non-smoking establishment.
The following about Sarah’s Room appears on the Golden Lamb’s website:“Sarah's room is located on the fourth floor of Ohio's Oldest Inn. Sarah Stubbs was the daughter of Albert and Eunice Stubbs. When Albert died, Eunice and her children moved to The Golden Lamb where Isaac Stubbs Jr. (Sarah's uncle) was the manager. Sarah grew to be an adult, but some say her ghost remains in the building. This recreation of a little girl's bedroom has been named in her honor. The rocking chair was given to Sarah by her aunt and bedside table was family treasure given to her grandmother as wedding present in 1834.”

The Golden Lamb Inn
27 South Broadway Street
Lebanon, OH 45036



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