Sugar Loaf Mountain Motel - Virginia City Nevada

The Haunted Sugar Loaf Mountain Motel

The History

Once a vital settlement between Denver and San Francisco, Virginia City influenced the entire country. During its boomtime, Virginia City's mining proceeds amounted to millions of dollars, equaling billions today. Every inch of this picturesque, Victorian-era town, celebrates this colorful history.Originally a boarding house, built in 1878, this charming motel has rooms individually decorated in unique styles, creating a cozy and possible "haunting" atmosphere. There is no doubt Virginia City is the best known of the early Nevada mining towns. This is where it all began. There is simply not enough space to properly and adequately describe all that happened in the city that gave birth to the fabulous history of Nevada's gold and silver mining processes.

The Hauntings

the building of this hotel is very ancient, it was build in the mid 1800's, visitors can stay in rooms with original bricks of last centuries. There is no wonder that there are validated rumors that some rooms are haunted by ghosts. A ghost log is kept in the rooms so that guests can write down any unusual experiences. In the Doll Room, guests have reported unexplained heavy breathing, footsteps, laughter, and doors opening and closing. Other rooms have seen their share of strangeness, including the fact that digital alarm clocks never seem to work on the premises.

The Sugar Loaf Mountain Motel
434 C Street
Virginia City, NV 89440

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