Silver Queen Hotel - Virginia City Nevada

The Haunted Silver Queen Hotel

The History

Built in 1876, the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City, Nevada is a historic landmark with a haunted reputation. The Silver Queen has been noted for many different accounts of paranormal activity. So much in fact that the guests of the hotel, often complain about strange sounds during the night. The Queen has served many different purposes. The wedding chapel was once used as a make-shift morgue, when the ground was too frozen to bury the dead.

The Hauntings

Staff, guests, and countless paranormal investigators are certain that ghosts roam the 138-year-old property. According to Silver Queen lore, Room 11 and Room 13 are particularly prone to paranormal activity. Some describe loud noises at night, sounds that include tapping on walls, jingling doorknobs, sudden bangs, voices in unoccupied rooms, and the sound of footsteps on a wooden floor. The footsteps are particularly odd considering the hotel is completely carpeted. Many guests assumed other visitors were responsible for the noise, but talked to front desk staff and learned they were the only guests on the floor. 

Like many haunted hotels, the Silver Queen is allegedly haunted by a tragic woman who died on the property. In this case, a prostitute named Rosie reportedly slashed her wrists in the bathtub of Room 11 and now wanders the hotel, tapping on doors and frightening guests. Rosie seems to have a preference for men as the rooms she visits are primarily occupied by males.As far as I know, there’s no official record of Rosie’s suicide, though a man did take his life there in 2010. Whether or not Rosie actually existed, dozens of staff members and guests swear something strange is happening at the old hotel.

There is another female ghost said to be named Annie that haunts this hotel. Her footsteps, disembodied voice, shadowy apparitions and tapping sounds without visible sources are frequently reported. There is a story of an epic fight between a man and a woman from the early history of the hotel during its gold rush days being played out repeatedly by resident spirits. 

Silver Queen Hotel
28 N C Street
Virginia City, NV 89440

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(775) 847-0440


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