Rindge Historical Society Muse - Rindge New Hampshire

The Haunted Rindge Historical Society Museum

The History

Located in Rindge,NH, this building is full of activity and serves as the towns historical society and museum. oel Raymond was at the site of the house as early as 1790 and the grade school located behind the house was Joel's potato field and still known by many old timers as Raymond's field. In 1815 Freeborn Stearns and his wife bought the house and legend has it that Freeborn Stearns then proceeded to knock the original house down and rebuilt a new house at that site in 1815 after the purchase. This is well documented in the Registry of Deeds. The house has gone under many renovations over the years, nothing major and that is why there has been some disagreement on the actual date the house was constructed. Several years ago and independent research group from the Smithsonian Institute conducted their own research and did concurred that the structure at least dates back to 1815 but believes it goes back further.It's full of old artifacts and was once an old doctors office in the 1700's. 

This historical building has been restored and turned into a museum full of very old artifacts from previous owners and town’s people. There are items and photos, perfectly preserved, from days long gone by.  Some are from previous owners and some from former Rindge residents.  All carry their own stories.  There is a display of several residents of Rindge who served and some of whom died in the Civil War.

The Haunting

According to the Soul Seekers Paranormal Society: This quintessential New England museum has had many reports of strange happenings including figures seen in the windows, lights turning on/off, objects moving and being thrown, voices, cold spots, strange photographs and video, feelings of not being alone, and the smell of pipe tobacco.

The museum, located near the town center at 24 School Street, is open on Wednesdays from 10am until 12 noon, and on the first Saturday of each month from 10am until 2pm, or by appointment for those who would like to visit or are doing research.

Rindge Historical Society Museum
24 School Street
Rindge, NH 03461

(603) 899-5057


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