Read House Historic Inn & Suites - Chattanooga Tennessee

The Haunted Read House Historic Inn & Suites

The History
First named Crutchfield House, this hotel opened in 1847.  Although the family was split about the war, the hotel was used by the Union during the Civil War.  The hotel burned down in 1867 and was rebuilt.  In 1926 the hotel was again destroyed (this time demolished on purpose) and rebuilt to what you see today.  

The Hauntings

Legend has it that a Union soldier killed a prostitute in his room.  However, the hotel burned in 1867, so perhaps it is not her ghost that is pestering people.  There is a specific room that is alleged to be haunted by the ghost of Annalisa Netherly. Legend tell us she was killed by her husband catching her of cheating in the 1920's.  Regardless of where the ghost comes from, it seems to like room 311. You may have to specifically request this room as rumor has it the hotel only assigns the room as a last resort.

The Read House Historic Inn & Suites
827 Broad Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Visit their WEBSITE

(423) 266-4121



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