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Paranormal Extreme Paranormal Extreme Paranormal Extreme Paranormal Extreme
Paranormal Extreme is a non for profit organization, researching the paranormal in Florida.  They bring professionalism and confidentiality to each investigation, understanding that calling a team to investigate your private home or property is not an easy decision.  Above all else, they will respect your right to privacy.

They use highly sensitive recording devices in an attempt to capture evidence of paranormal activity.  Captured images and audio will only be released with the homeowner or property owner's permission. They do consider themselves amateurs or beginners.  Their team members have been trained.  They do not allow untrained personnel to operate unless they are accompanied by an experienced investigator.  Their primary goals are comfort for the owner and residents involved and paranormal understanding. Their goal is bring a levelheaded and comfortable atmosphere into your property, taking care of the most important thing, your discomfort.  During this process they will try to help you understand the nature of the problems being observed, supplying  the information one needs to understand why this is happening and how little danger is actually involved. Each case is concluded solely by recorded evidence.  They use scientific results and not anything else to decide any conclusions to any case.  

They do believe that the conclusion of an investigation is not the end of our relationship with their clients, always there to answer any additional questions or to re-investigate the location if they are requested back  at a future time. They never charge for their work, 

One of the founders is an Ordained Minister, therefore they do not do any pagan rituals and follow only Christian morals.

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