Nightmare Forrest Haunt Park - Brandenburg Kentucky

Nightmare Forrest Haunt Park

This attraction offers four horrifying experiences for one price. You will get the original and your favorite Nightmare Forest trail where you will Live Hollywood's Most Horrifiying Moments at their Legendary Nightmare Forest Experience all of your favorite horror movies in one place! You will also get a second haunted trail called the Trail of Terror. The Trail of Terror is filled with the undead of Nightmare Forest’s past victims. You will then enter into the depths of Dead End Hotel, where every room is on the 13th floor! Lastly, is Hawthornes Circus Bizarre. You will see astounding feats of pain resistance, fire eating, minding reading, and more!  

Here we break the Haunted Park down for you:

Nightmare Forest ...
Offers incredible terror straight from your favorite scary movies! Walk into scenes straight from the theater with Hollywood quality special effects! This year along the trail you will encounter the deepest recesses of Hell from the movie Hellraiser. You will come face to face with Michael Myers from Halloween. Your dream world will be realized from Nightmare Elm Street. Escape the exhilarating terror of Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th. And of course you'll be inches away from the blade of a chainsaw as Leatherface chases you from the Forest from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

Trail of Terror...
For those that don't survive Nightmare Forest, what's left of its victims are left for dead in the woods of the Trail of Terror. Now, the dead are uprooting from the earth to seek revenge for the torture their souls have endured from the evil of Nightmare Forest. Trail of Terror is a horrifying experience that you must survive or become one of the many trapped by the forest. 

Dead End Hotel....
Welcome to the Dead End Hotel. The Hotel was built in the 1940's but had to close in the early 1970's due to business declining after the mysterious death of Justine Brown. She was found hanging in one of the rooms. After further inspection, it was discovered that Justine had been brutally murdered and other bodies were discovered beneath the floor boards of the hotel. Due to the lack of technology, no suspects were ever found.

Hawthorne's Circus Bizarre...
The most unusual show in America, is an extreme variety show featuring sideshow and burlesque. It is entertainment on the edge of reality.Hawthorne, known as the modern day mystic, has been known to open the veil to the other side as he summons the spirits of the dead to touch, talk, and interact with the audience. He will leave you gasping, screaming and wanting more as he shoves hot flaming torches down his throat, walks barefoot across razor sharp shards of glass, performs various feats of pain resistance and much, much, more. He even attempts a live human electrocution featuring an authentic 1940's prison electric chair. It is all real, all extremely dangerous, and all performed right before your eyes, if you dare to keep them open. Mixed in between all the madness and mayhem, the sexy girls of burlesque will take the stage and perform bawdy, funny and sensual vaudeville dances.

Nightmare Forrest
850 Otter Creek Park Rd
Brandenburg, KY 40108



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