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New Madrid Ghost Tours

About the location they explore....

"Where the past comes to life". The mission of New Madrid Ghost Tours is to provide their guests with the best paranormal experience possible. 

New Madrid, Missouri is a small town situated on "The Kingshighway", which is part of the El Camino Real and is located on the Mississippi River.  Francois and Joseph LeSieur established a trading post here in 1783, this settlement was then called "L'Ansea la Graise" or "Cove of Fat".  It was Colonel George Morgan who named the city after attempting to make New Madrid the capital of the Spanish Empire.  He later lost interest, left and never returned. The town has had more than it's fair share of tragedy and turmoil.  The Great Quakes of 1811-1812, the Civil War Battle of Island No. 10 floods, fires, murders, and mysteries, all of which lead many residents to believe that New Madrid is one of the more haunted small towns in America.

The tour begins with a brief review of evidence that has been captured in the Hart-Stepp House and the Dixie Theater, the two locations that will be investigated during the tour. The knowledgeable guide walks guests through the dark streets of New Madrid, Missouri, stopping along the way to point out areas where paranormal activity has been known to occur or to tell chilling stories.  Guests are told of the Civil War Battle of Island No. 10 as they stand atop the levee overlooking the mighty Mississippi River.  Further into this 90 minute walking tour, the group is told of the ax wielding slave-owner, the Christmas Eve murder of a gas station attendant, and the young girl who perished after falling into a fire. 

About the Touring Group..

The New Madrid Ghost Tours are hosted by the New Madrid Chamber of Commerce. Since its inception in October 2008, the New Madrid Ghost Tours have provided guests with an opportunity to not only hear stories about local haunts, but to also partake in paranormal investigations in two of the city’s most haunted sites.   

The Schedule: Dates and Hours
Schedule may differ seasonally.
Please check with Tour Group to verify their current schedule
Tours begin at 7:00pm and 9:00pm

Please note:
Tours will take place rain or shine, so please come prepared. There will be brief stops along the way.  You may bring video cameras, still cameras, audio recorders, EMF detectors, or any other ghost hunting equipment you might have...Please keep in mind it is your responsibility to keep up with any and all equipment you might bring along during the tour. The Chamber is not liable for any lost or damaged equipment during the tours.  It is highly recommended that you bring along a flashlight, many locations we will be visiting will be very dark.

The tour lasts about 90 minutes

To reserve a spot on one of their tours or to book a private tour, 
contact the New Madrid Chamber of Commerce at (877) 748-5300.

(May change without published notification. Please contact Group.)
Tickets are $15.00 per person or $25.00 per couple for the Oct. 17, 23, 24 tours.  
Tickets are $20.00 per person for the Oct. 30, 31 tours.  

Hawthorne Ghost Tour
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Portland, OR 97214

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