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Haunts of Mackinac

About the location they explore....

Join the Haunts of Mackinac as they guide you through  the history, legends, and ghost stories of this island tucked away on the western tip of Lake Huron. Mackinac Island sits an island steeped in mystery and lost in time. Known for its status as one of the most beautiful, and historical, tourist destinations in the state of Michigan, the island has a darker side unfamiliar to many of its visitors. When the sun sets and the moon casts a glow across the rocky beaches, the spirits of the dead come crawling through the floorboards of the old hotels to remind everyone of the island’s bloody past.

Ask any paranormal investigator and they’ll tell you that the cause of a haunting can usually be traced back to something odd occurring in the area. Sometimes it’s a murder or a suicide, often the phenomena is attributed to the makeup of the land itself, and once in awhile, it’s blamed on dark rituals and ancient spirits. When it comes to Mackinac Island, though, you can check off each of those boxes… and several more.

About the Touring Group...

Haunts of Mackinacis a group of paranormal investigators that provide ghost tours on Mackinac Island, Michigan. Three primary tours are offered: Downtown Haunted History Tour lasting 90 minutes, Mission Point Haunted History Tour lasting about an hour and the Midnight Tour which is about two hours long. An actual ghost hunt also is available where guests are educated in investigating the paranormal and can assist in a live event.

The tour guides will both inform and entertain our spirited guests. So join them soon for an adventure, where the history is guaranteed and the paranormal is possible.

The group also offer paranormal investigations that you can be a part of. Join Haunts of Mackinac on an investigation at Mission Point Resort's Theater & Soundstage. This is the location T.A.P.S. of Syfy Channel's Ghost Hunters investigated for the "Frozen In Fear" episode. We will give guests a short class on the equipment we will use and how we will investigate. Then a guide will lead 
you into your paranormal investigation.

The following tours are offered:
The Downtown Tour
The Dead of Night Tour
Mission Point Tour
The Hunt

The Schedule
Please check with Tour Group to verify their current schedule. 
Tours are held nightly.

The tours differ from 75 to 120 minutes

(May change without published notification. Please contact Group.)
Dependent on the tour taken, prices range from $15-45.

The Haunts of Mackinac Haunted History Tours
are based at Mission Point Resort

Haunts of Mackinac
6633 Main Street
Mackinac Island, MI 49747 

Confirm the information posted here. 
Visit their Website

(906) 847-8018


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