Grimm Ghost Tours - Salt Lake City Utah

Grimm Ghost Tours

About the location they explore....

Grimm Ghost Tours offer a unique experience of both traveling on a haunted bus, and walking to haunted locations throughout Salt Lake City, Utah. Their guides are sure to keep you riveted the entire tour. If you love the paranormal, hearing true ghost stories, and visiting real haunted places and in the Salt Lake Utah area, make sure to check them out!

Do Ghosts, Spirits and other entitites exist? Are they around us every waking moment? Are they here to help or hainder? They will take you to the locations of actual hauntings to let ou decide for yourself. Visist some of the oldest buildings in Salt Lake. Learn where the Hopiity Lady roams looking for her lost husband. The 1.5 hour tour, you will see the First Mansion in Salt Lake, The Rio Grande Train Depot, The largest Municipal Cemetery in the United States, The Old Washington Square and Historic City and Count Building where jousting events occurred, treaties were signed, and is home to a few lost spirits!

About the tour...

Grimm Ghost Tours will not only take you on a history tour of the the city, but a full interactive adventure where you can experience the most haunted places in Salt Lake Cit. They actually get off their bus at almost all the locations to get up close and personal.

This group also offers Paranormal Investigations where you spend the whole time inside a haunted building at night, alone and in the dark. 

The Schedule 
Please check with Tour Group to verify their current schedule. 

(May change without published notification. Please contact Group.)
Group 5-9 Adults:         $23 Online   $24 On-Site
Group 10+:                $20 Online   $22 On-Site

The Grimm Ghost Tours Bus picks up at the designated SLC tour bus
area at approximately 18 West South Temple.  
This is located just West of 
Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City
on the North side of the Street.  
Look for the
Grimm Ghost Sign or |Black Grimm Ghost Tours Bus.  
They are just 
East of the Horse Carriages.

Grimm Ghost Tours
18 S Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84150

Confirm the information posted here. 
Visit their Website

801-508-GRIM (4746)


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