Florida Paranormal Association - Ocala Florida

​Florida Paranormal Association is a team of Christian people that deals with the supernatural and helps educate people about the "paranormal" and what they are truly dealing with. They dedicate themselves to help those that feel they are dealing with supernatural, demons, ghosts, or anything paranormal. 

They use scientific equipment to capture activity. They also do house cleansings, blessings and exorcisms to name a few services. All of their members have been thoroughly screened with criminal background checks, so the public can feel safe to have them in their home or business. They vow never to to exploit your information or betray confidence, taking their work very seriously. 

Free telephone consultation provided. They do not charge, but accept donations. References will also be provided upon request.

Their Stated Mission:  To help those that are troubled by the unexplained. To explain and educate the clients what they are dealing with, why and how to get rid of it.

Contact Information

Phone: 352-546-1097

Email: flaparanormal@yahoo.com

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