Farnam Manor Museum - Richfield, Ohio

The Haunted Farnam Manor Museum

The History

Farnam Manor is a historical site. In 1834 Everett Farnam,a colorful figure from America's past, he built this magnificent property. Everett Farnam had a lust for life. He preferred the title "Lord Farnam," which seemed fitting for a man of his wealth and social status. Considered by many to be a bit of an oddball, Everett Farnam had many quirks, including strange repetitive rituals for anyone who visited his homestead. At 40 he married a woman, Emily, almost 25 years his junior. He and Emily raised five children here. In 1834 he built her a magnificent home for her in Richfield, Ohio.

His father was an early pioneer and one of the first settlers west of the Cuyahoga River. This was hostile Indian territory in those days. The legend of this once 3200 acre estate dates back to 1644.  Later on, in 1921, a madam from Akron added the extravagant front porch and Porte Cochere as well as the north-wing extension. This was an exclusive club (for the Akron Police) having a certain aura of elegance during the early 1900 era. Glory days continued as this classic example of Western Reserve architecture housed the infamous Danish Smorgasboard Restaurant. Folks came from miles around to enjoy good food and fellowship. It is an era that must never be forgotten.

In 2003, recent purchasers of this property found a book in the a proximal building called "The Ellis House". It was called "The Farnams", written by Bill Ellis. The previous owner had written a book about the big white house across the street from him. Soon to realize, the book was filled with the history of the Farnam Estate. The center of this find became the mysterious manor house across the street. South east side. After being for sale for years, it had been left abandoned. The grass was 4 feet tall, and the house was deteriorating. It was heartbreaking to see this glorious structure endure such abuse. Something had to be done.The founders were compelled to find a way to remedy the catastrophe. The Farnam Foundation was formed to save the manor and all it's history. The story of our roots must be passed on for generations to come.This was the synergy that started the Foundation to preserve its heritage. 

The mission of the foundation is to carry on the philosophies of Everett Farnam, a colorful figure from America's past. His father was an early pioneer and one of the first settlers west of the Cuyahoga River. This was hostile Indian territory in those days.

"A timeless quote denotes the spirit of the property. 
As spoken by Mr. Everett Farham, it reads...
"God and I are partners on this land, 
and I feel under great obligation to do it right."


They also offer lodging at 3 vacation rentals which are furnished homes built on the land that originally was the gardens for the Farnam Estate. 

The Hauntings

Evidence of the native inhabitants are still visible on Farnam's land. A magnificent U-shaped "signal tree" marks an old trail, a remnant from a by-gone era. Everett, his wife Emily, and their five children lived happily on the 3200 acres. But things were not always blissful for the family - they saw their share of heartache as well. A tragic accident befell the Farnams in 1858 when their young daughter (also named Emily) drowned in the cistern located in what is now the of the manor. Another child, a son, died in infancy, possibly from pneumonia or tuberculosis. Both children are said to haunt their former home. Young Emily seems to be the main spirit in the house. She enjoys interacting with visitors any chance she gets.

After the Farnams passed, their property went through a number of transitions. During the Roaring '20s, the manor took a dark turn as a "house of ill repute." Some historians claim it was an exclusive social club for gentleman where the women were more of an adornment than a side dish. The ghost of one of these women haunts an upstairs bedroom.

From 1948-1972 the property was converted into a very popular restaurant known as the Danish Smorgasbord. The owner died upstairs in '72, but many say he has never left. His apparition has been spotted many times throughout the manor. Others report phantom aromas of Danish dishes lofting from the kitchen, spilling out onto the atrium.

The property fell into disarray for many years until efforts were made to restore it. Now it is a true showpiece, complete with history and hauntings. It is common to capture clear and intelligent EVPs. In addition the appearance of white mist as a response for confirmation has been witnessed. Sounds of movement in empty spaces and disembodied voices are also common.The spirit of Mr. Farnam, his wife, as well as their little daughter Emily have been reported to be found at the property.  An apparition of a woman in a white dress has been seen in the bedroom. The spirit of an ornery young boy ,Ikobod, makes himself known by opening doors and making noises. Sometimes the aroma of Mr. Kirk's aftershave fills the room . 

When Lord Farnam died he vowed to come back in the form of a raven so he could soar over the property and keep an eye on things. Two black ravens have made their nest nearby and are often seen perched on the roof of the manor. Is this Everett and Emily Farnam? Come and see for yourself. They guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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The Lodging

The historical and haunted site offer private lodging with complete furnished rooms idea for groups, large families or anyone that needs more than one room at a hotel. What a great weekend get-away to combine with a paranormal hunt.

Farnam Manor 
4223 Brecksville Road
Richfield, OH 44286

Visit their WEBSITE

(330) 990-8377



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