Bonnie Springs Ranch - Las Vegas Nevada

The Haunted Bonnie Springs Ranch

The History

The springs were within the Paiute peoples homeland for centuries. They moved their dwellings into small enclaves in the rocky cliffs to the west after immigrants took their land.The ranch at the natural springs was first established in 1843, as a watering stopover for wagon trains going to California on the Old Spanish Trail. In 1846, General John C. Frémont, on his way to Alta California, stopped at the springs to prepare for the trip through Death Valley to the Pueblo de Los Angeles. 

In 1952, Bonnie McGaugh (born 1921) purchased 115 acres of land in Red Rock Canyon, 20 miles west of Las Vegas. The property consisted of a broken-down bar and a three-room house. McGaugh re-opened the bar and operated it without electricity for 12 years. Buildings at Bonnie Springs Ranch "Old Nevada" amusement park. In 1954, Bonnie McGaugh married Al Levinson (1924–1994) In 1958, they opened Bonnie Springs Ranch to the public.

The Hauntings

The ranch has been speculated to be haunted, as claimed by some visitors to the ranch. Some guests have witnessed seeing an apparition of a little girl in the schoolhouse, and also witnessed the merry-go-round spinning on its own on a windless, dry day. In the wax museum, voices can be heard and the wax figures sometimes move on their own. Due to this, the managers have had to nail down the wax figures to keep the display from being mixed up. In the opera house, people have witnessed a shadow figure following them around in the room, and a guest took a picture and reportedly captured a black mass standing next to him.

The ranch was featured on Ghost Adventures during the fourth season, where they were able to catch some evidence, including a voice in the wax museum and a shadow figure in the opera house.

Bonnie Springs Ranch
16395 Bonnie Springs Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89124

Visit their WEBSITE

(702) 875-4191


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