Benton Family Farm - Walton Kentucky

The Haunted Benton Family Farm

The History

Built in 1901, the Benton Farm has been in the family for many generations, secured a beloved and strong spiritual platform. In 1941, John Benton Sr. with his wife and Ora Lee, along with their three children, John C. Benton Jr., Hazel, and Louise moved to the farm. And so the dream was born. The land, house, and just 2 mules were the beginning of a family legacy and a house-hold tradition. 1962 was a big year at the Benton Farm. Along with getting married to RoseMary, John Benton Jr. took over operations at the farm. Tobacco, the famous crop of Kentucky was the main stay for the farm. At one time the land had over 100 head of sheep and 100 head of cattle. One of the great joys of farm life is always having farm fresh foods. Fresh milk, eggs, beef, and vegetables were staples on the Benton Farm. The next chapter for Benton Farm ignited in the 90's when the family hosted its first visitors. Schools came to the farm for hands-on learning. Educating others on giving back to mother nature was our main goal. We want to teach the future members of society how to be sustainable. 

Preservation of History and the Purpose of the American Farmer. 

Today the farm survives to teach and delight children that visit the property to learn the how a working farm operates and to meet the animals that continue to live on the property. Benton Family Farm's future mission as a Non Profit 501C3 to remain a teaching and educational family working farm. The Farm engages children and adults in Agriculture Experiences, Agritrainment, Horticulture, Forestry, Land Preservation, Fish and Wildlife Resources, all to provide education needed in these areas on or off the farm. The Farm strives to provide a safe environment and use the safest methods to grow fruits and vegetables to have available to the public to see the growing process.

As spoken by the current owners, “Our Fourth Generation family farm continues to strive for our only goal of Agricultural Education and preservation of the family farm as did the generations prior. Our farm will remain non commercialized and always offer families and schools a traditional family farm experience.”

This was the pride and purpose of the original Mr. Benton, and today it's spiritual presence continues to encourage this community gift. The living, ghost hunting teams, the communities and (yes) the spirits are all engaged to help preserve this piece of agricultural history which is now a 501C3.

The Hauntings

This place, by many in the field, has been described to have more activity than even it's neighboring Bobby Mackeys! The difference appears to be in the type of hauntings, where most in this property are gentle and of a positive nature.  All appear to just want to tell their story.  This property is also unique as a shape-shifter, where it is said a metamorphosis abilities have been witnessed for an entity to physically transform into another being or form. In addition, several full bodied apparitions hav been seen. of previous home owners, slaves and a female child. Spirit lights are commonly seen, accompanied by magnitudes of personal experiences.  

The experiences are so impressive, that you probably will not need paranormal equipment to capture evidence. But why not bring your voice recorders or photo equipment, for this place will not disappoint with commonly captured "Class A" EVPs. These are intelligent! For example, an EVP once captured a spirit calling out the names of investigators present in the room. Another one disturbingly saying "cancer" to one investigator that had history of having the disease. 

Three previous owners have been document (and continue to) haunt this farm.  One of these is Dr. Ryle, whose son died on the property from what is believed to have been a tractor accident.  A full bodied apparition of a slave lady was seen outside of farm home by a visitor.  Another previous owner, the original Mr. Benton was captured in the basement.  One team got a growl on outside of home.  A dark man or entity there which is possible native American shape-shifter.  Many are touched by a disembodied entity, all gentle or harming. A female  child that giggles have offered much delight to its visitors.

Come to their 2016 Benton Family Farm
Paranormal Festival

July 16, 2016
Meet and Greet Paranormal Celebrities
Brian Cano and Christopher St. Booth

What the Farm Offers... 

In association with Kentucky Afterlife Paranormal team, the Farm offers paranormal investigations from 8pm - 8am weekdays and weekends. Cost is affordable for $150.00 for a group. For the novice hunts, the cost is $50 a person from 8pm - 1am with Kentucky Afterlife Paranormal team. If you just want a taste, a two-hour tour is offered for $25 a person. 

During the Halloween season, they offer a Haunted House Attraction, in which attendees do not know if what they are encountering is fact or fiction.  Check out dates and times on their website (or just call them)! 

The Benton Family Farm
11896 Old Lexington Pike
Walton, Kentucky 41094

Visit their WEBSITE

(859) 485-7000


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