​1905 Basin Park Hotel - Eureka Springs Arkansas

1905 Basin Park Hotel

The History

Originally opened in 1905, the Basic Park Hostel was built by William M. Duncas on the site of the Perry House, a four story hotel built in 1881. Captain Joseph Perry built the hotel after moving to Eureka Springs because of poor health. He had several hotels, in different locations in the United States, prior to his arrival here. The Perry House, which was lost in the fire of 1890, was considered a fine hotel.

Like many other buildings in town, the limestone quarry near the town of Beaver provided the rock exterior of the hotel. There are several horizontal rows of red dolomite around this building. Although very evident when built, it is quite easy to miss seeing the red dolomite now.

The Haunting

The 1905 Basin Park Hotel, known as “the hub of Historic Downtown Eureka Springs,” has become the center of the latest in ghost sightings in this quaint Ozark community. Located just 45 minutes southwest of Branson (MO), spirits of the paranormal kind have become the most recent local stars of the late night shows at this lodging facility. “The sightings and reports of encounters have become too frequent and too compelling to overlook,” said Jack Moyer, hotel general manager. “It seems, therefore, that we have new permanent guests here at The Basin Park Hotel and we welcome all new guests... even if they’re ghosts.” 

Some of the more frequent sightings include a translucent young woman with “cotton candy blonde hair and steel blue eyes” dressed in turn-of-the-century clothing and seen floating on the third floor. In addition, there is a  little girl of age three or four in a yellow dress with long, brown pigtails seen skipping through the lobby and the coffeehouse. A full-figured lady with curly, red hair who “drinks milk and eats cookies” makes her presence known in the coffeehouse; one who was “confirmed” by a visiting medium. A tall, thin man with a brown beard wearing a tan suit and hat has been seen in both he Grand Ballroom and Room 519. Other reports have been by employees working late in our seventh floor ballroom who have reported cold ‘passings’ as they clean up after a function,” added Moyer, “and in our Rooftop Billiards Room where the pool ball rack has been seen flying off the wall and landing between our two tables with no one standing anywhere close. This has happened on numerous occasions.

1905 Basin Park Hotel
12 Spring Street
Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Phone Numbers
(479) 253-7837
(877) 456-9679


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