​The King House - Mayport Florida

The Haunted King House

The History

Unfortunately, it is not known when exactly the building was constructed. The first record of the building is from April 25, 1881, when it was destroyed by a fire The records note that before its destruction it was used as a boarding house for sailors and that the land had previously been used as a Spanish graveyard. The building was reconstructed by William Joseph King in 1907 and was occupied by his son until his death in 1977. During this time, due to reports of hauntings, the house was investigated by researchers from the Rhine Institute of Duke University and several other paranormal research groups. 

An aunt of William King’s had reportedly been involved for a time with a sailor. This sailor become jealous after their breakup and pitchforked his past love to death as she sat in a rocking chair on the front porch. It’s believed he later threw her body into the nearby river. Interestingly enough, a rocking chair was purported to move on its own accord. 

This would not be the only time the King House would play host to a dead body. During the 1940s, the house was used as a Catholic Church and mass was held there weekly. It was rumored that the occasional wake or funeral were also held there. Congregants reported hearing high-heels moving about in the attic when no-one was there. The area around the King House also seems to have a sorrowful past, as car wrecks near the house have claimed at least a few lives. 

The Hauntings

Other supposed ghosts who occupy the building include a 'Little Butler' who is said to open doors for visitors and guide them into the living room. There have also been sightings of a maid in the kitchen who acts aggressively towards those using 'her' space. This territorial “Lady in White” is known to wreak havoc on other female cooks in the house. A bride who died in a car crash outside the house on her wedding day is also rumored to haunt the building.  In addition, the current owners of the house reportedly have a bird who repeatedly says the word “Howard,” even when no one is in the room. No one in the new owner’s family is named Howard, but Howard King reportedly died in the home. 

The book Jetty Man by Bill Reynolds was released about the hauntings and house in 1999.The house is currently used as a center of operations for the Mayport Cats Program, which assists feral cats.

King House 
4627 Ocean Street
Mayport, FL 32233

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