The Haunted Hotel - Louisville Kentucky

The Haunted Hotel

This is Kentucky's Scariest Haunted House and they are celebrating their 25th year!!!  

The Haunted Hotel is the longes standing and (according to the operators) scariest attraction in Louisville Kentucky! Imagine the feeling you get right before suddenly waking up from the most horrific nightmare you've ever had. Now imagine having that feeling during your entire stay at The Haunted Hotel. Let The Haunted Hotel take you into your worst nightmare! This is where your imagination will take over reality!

This Halloween Season's Haunted Hotel gives you the chance to experience one of the scarient haunted houses in America in a "new light". Haunted Hotel must have forgotten to pay the electric bill or maybe one of the deranged lunatics inside cut the power. Either case, Haunted Hotel goes LIGHTS OUT!!! Navigate your way through dark hallways and corridors and hopefully you will find your way out, but the attraction operators doubt it!  Experience all the terror and fight of Haunted Hotel, without the lights!!!! Haunted Hotel, they'll turn the lights out for you!!!

Haunted Hotel is an extreme haunt. This means there will be elicit and theatrically-appropriate language (that may be offensive), heavy uses of gore or death, and touching. When they say EXTREME, they mean it. Kids that are not in high school are not recommended for this attraction and we provide no refunds!!!  They are very straight forward that their goal is to make you cry and that's what they intend to do!!!!

The Haunted Hotel
3000 S 4th Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40208

Visit their WEBSITE

(Please check website to confirm current pricing)
*VIP - FAST PASS - $29 (Skip to the front of the line)
T-Shirts $8.00

(Please check website to confirm current running schedule)
September 2015:  Fridays and Saturdays
October 2015:  Thursday through Sunday

Thursday and Sunday:  8pm - 12am
Friday and Saturdays:   8pm - 2am

(502) 634-4478


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