Sweetwater Branch Inn - Gainesville Florida

​The Haunted Sweetwater Branch Inn

The History

The Cushman-Colson house, a Victorian, circa 1885, was one of the original Gainesville homes that lined old Alachua Avenue which is now University Avenue. The house is named after the Cushman family who lived in the house until 1905 and the family of Dr. James Colson, who lived there for 20 years. Perry Colson purchased the home in 1903 and sold it to William Turner Pound, the first husband of Mary Phifer. In the 1920’s Mary Phifer married Reid Hill McKenzie. She lived in the McKenzie house until she was 83 years old.  It has since been the home of several influential Gainesville families and reflects the tastes of the affluent at the turn of the century. 

The Hauntings

This charming bed and breakfast is said to be home to a “pleasant ghost” who protects the house.  A former plantation house, the Sweetwater Inn Bed and Breakfast is actually two houses. One house is pink and the other is blue.The blue house is haunted by spirits who roam around in the attic. Guests at the charming house have reported a heavy feeling on their chest while they try to sleep, and the maids have witnessed the cabinet doors and drawers opening and closing on their own. Guests also report a general uneasy feeling in the house, and even the owners are said to have sighted ghostly figures in the upstairs windows.

Sweetwater Branch Inn
625 E. University Avenue 
Gainesville, Florida 32601



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