Olle Hotel - Flatonia Texas

The Haunted Olle Hotel

The History...

This two-story brick structure was built between 1896 and 1901 by Flatonia physician G. W. Allen, Sr. The first known use of the building as a hotel occurred in 1915, when it was purchased and operated by Carrie Snell. Flatonia's railroads created the need for boarding houses and hotels to lodge the many drummers, or traveling salesmen, who crossed the countryside by rail. In 1926 Otto Olle purchased the hotel, operated by him and later his wife until her death in 1967. The building then sat vacant until 1999. The colonial revival style building featured tall ceilings, double-hung windows and a covered veranda for ventilation, with a major expansion during the Olle's ownership.

For a taste of Old Texas gentility, come stay at the Olle Hotel. Reminiscent of the days of the Cattle Baron, each room has been beautifully furnished and elegantly update.  It 2009, the Olle Hotel was recorded as aTexas Historic Landmark.

The Haunted...

THe Olle Hotel is considered by many to be one of the most haunted inns in the Lone Star State! Evidence of the hauntings goes beyond isolated incidents. The most common unnatural phenomena are the large number of floating "orbs" that staff and visitors see on a regular basis. They seem to come in several sizes and various hue and tones. In addition, angry voices in the middle of the night is also a common phenomenon.. Two men and a woman can be heard arguing, but a subsequent investigation, including a room check, reveals all is well - except for the voices that mysteriously disappear if anyone approaches the top of the stairs to the second floor landing. This is reported to be the spot where the agitated husband and his wife's lover argued, and eventually died.

Then each year in November, on the anniversary date of that same fateful quarrel, the same day every year, there is the explosion of a shot gun being fired from the top of those same stairs. Again, an investigation reveals no evidence that anything ever happened.  The owners, the McCains, say the stories get even stranger. There's Bob, the ghost who smokes a cigar and lingers around from time to time leaving behind the smell of his hand rolled stogie. Perhaps the most strange of all, is the "half man" wearing a skull and crossbones T-shirt.  Folks have reported only seeing the top half of him at it is all blue. Cordially, the McCains have nicked-named him the "Blue Man".

This is one haunted inn you should put on your bucket list! 

218 South Market Avenue
Flatonia, Texas 




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