Oklahoma Territorial Museum - Guthrie Oklahoma

The Haunted Oklahoma Territorial (Governor's Mansion) Museum

The History...

The Territorial Governor’s Mansion was built in 1889 when Oklahoma was not yet a state. It had only just been designated a territory. Guthrie, Oklahoma is the Logan County Seat, and credited for Oklahoma becoming a State.. When the Oklahoma Territory was originally established in the 1890′s, Guthrie served as the territory capital. It was the first state capital for Oklahoma from November 16, 1907 to June 11, 1910 when an election “stole” the capital and moved it to Oklahoma City. Prior to 1907, modern day Oklahoma consisted of Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory.

The museum documents the creation of the Unassigned Lands, the Land Run of 1889, the homestead experience and territorial and state government. The history of Guthrie is told as the capital city of the territorial government and the first state capital.

On the museum grounds stands the Carnegie Library, where the first state governor was sworn in. Preserved by the Oklahoma Historical Society, this building as well as the museum, serves as a visible link between Oklahoma's turbulent Territorial Period and the present.

The Hauntings...

This historical building has had reports of disembodied voices and objects moving without explanation. It is said to be haunted by a ghost who's been heard spouting faint hello's around the downstairs hallway when strangers walk around on the second floor. In addition, various items have been seen floating at the Central staircase.  The ghost is thought to be a member of the family of one of Oklahoma's early territorial governors. 

To Be Noted...

There is a small admission price to tour this property, which goes towards it's preservation. Please see the website for more details. They do not hold or offer paranormal investigations. But the website does state, "The Research Center offers research access to patrons seeking information about a particular person, topic or 
event. If you would like to visit the museum for the purpose of research, please call in advance as these activities are by appointment only."  Perhaps, they will consider Paranormal Research? 

Oklahoma Territorial Museum
406 E Oklahoma Avenue
Guthrie, OK 73044

How do I get there?

Visit their WEBSITE

(405) 282-1889



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