Monmouth Plantation Inn - Natchez Mississippi

The Haunted Monmouth Plantation Inn

The History

General John A. Quitman purchased this home in 1826, just eight years after it was built, and renovated it in the Greek Revival architectural style, typical of the Old South antebellum plantations. General Quitman, who later became the governor of Mississippi, was a secessionist and it’s believed that he was poisoned in Washington by abolitionists. He died in his Monmouth home, though he never truly left. Four years after his death, Union soldiers of the Civil War occupied and robbed the house while the family of Quitman still lived there. The plantation remained in the family, being passed down to descendants until 1924, when it was sold to someone else and eventually fell into disrepair. General Quitman started making his presence known in 1977, after the plantation was bought by new owners hoping to restore the home to its original state. 

The Hauntings

Governor Quitman, the first occupant of the plantation was said to have suffered a long and painful death. It is believed that he died as a result of being poisoned by abolitionists in Washington D.C. It’s reported that during the restoration, the general would stomp around loudly. Staff and workers at the hotel have also heard heavy footfalls which start in the attic and proceed down through the mansion. Some guests have even woken up in the middle of the night to find him checking on them in their rooms.  A guest that was staying in Room 30 awoke to see the entity of Quitman dressed in Civil War military uniform, walking to the foot of his bed and suddenly vanishing. 

Monmouth Plantation Inn
36 Melrose Avenue, 
Natchez, MS 39120

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(601) 442-5852


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