​McKamey Manor - San Diego California

McKamey Manor

McKamey Manor in San Diego is rated among the scariest places in the country every year around Halloween. The interactive experience lasts for hours, and some critics call it abusive.World's only "Extreme" (two - four hour), Haunted Attraction. As seen on Travel Channels "Making Monsters" and Halloween "Craziest". Must be 21 or above in excellent health. Reservations Only. This is Not Your Grandmas Haunted House!  "Live your own 2-4 hour movie". Extreme audience participation. 

McKamey Manor, which is billed as one of the “most extreme” haunted houses in the United States, has a waiting list of over 24,000 people who are hoping to have a chance of entering what is best described as “living a horror movie." The McKamey Manor, in San Diego, California, can only accommodate two visitors at a time, with applicants having to be background checked by the founder, Russ McKamey, first. No one has ever completed the haunt in its entirety. Frequently people can be seen being held against their will, hit, punched, bound, and gagged. The “experience,” unlike standard 20 to 30 minute spook houses, can last anywhere from four to six hours. To make the experience even more unnerving, individuals must go through whole ordeal alone or with one other person. Groups larger than two are not allowed.

As seen on Travel Channels, "Making Monsters" and Halloween "Craziest". New Location, New Sets, Bigger Thrills, More Extreme then ever! Must be 18 or above in excellent health. Reservations Only. This is Not Your Grandmas Haunted House!

By reservation only

McKamey Manor
San Diego, CA 92101

Visit their WEBSITE

Entry into McKamey Manor is entirely free of cost,
it’s all done simply ‘for the love of the haunt’.

There is no cost, except for time. You must process an application 
and get on a waiting list.
Call or email to get information on getting on the list

(Please check website to confirm current running schedule)
Friday and Saturdays - Year Round!

By appointment only

(858) 672-2824


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