Manresa Castle - Port Townsend Washington

The Haunted Manresa Castle

The History

Wishing to resemble the castles in his native Prussia, the Manresa Castle was originally completed in 1892 as the home of Charles and Kate Eisenbeis. Charles Eisenbeis was a prominent member of early Port Townsend (He was the first mayor), when the port was the most active in the pacific northwest. The twelve inch thick walls of his 30 room mansion were made of brick from Charles Eisenbeis's own brickworks. Locals came to call the building "Eisenbeis Castle." In 1902 Charles Eisenbeis died, and the mansion was left empty when Kate remarried. In 1925 it was purchased to function as a vacation home for nuns. In 1927 it was purchased by Jesuits who turned it into a training college and renamed it Manresa Hall. It is the jesuits who built the large extension to the original building and covered the brick walls of the original section to keep it more in line with the new wing. In 1968 the Jesuit's left and it became a hotel.

The Hauntings

This castle has been investigated and verified for being very haunted. The third floors appears to be the most affected. Reports are that rooms 302, 304 & 306 are haunted. There are reports of two ghosts in residence. One is about a monk who hung himself in the attic. Sometimes people hear footsteps walking above them, but there is no one in the attic. The other ghost is a young lady who had been waiting for her beloved to return from war. After hearing of his demise, she threw herself out her window.

The chapel/cafe has it's own share of hauntings as well! The drinking glasses are know to explode, even when in one server's hand and (even when) the empty glasses are know to be turned upside-down. 

Journals and photographs are kept of the haunted activity at the inn. The innkeeper will be happy to share if you request to browse through them!

The Manresa Castle
651 Cleveland Street 
Port Townsend, WA 98368

(360) 385-5750 


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