Kenilworth Lodge - Sebring Florida

The Haunted Kenilworth Lodge 

The History
In 1916, George Sebring had a vision. He saw a community where people were happy, healthy, and engaged in wholesome pursuits. He developed the town of Sebing. He then built a hotel, ain the Mediterranean Revival style of architecture,  to complement his town, Sebring. He called the hotel Kenilworth Lodge. Affluent and wealthy people from the north came on his train to stay for a week or two, or for the season. Some returned to live permanently in the town. Some guests and staff remain. The train continued on to Indiantown and the Seminole Inn, the brainchild of one of his acquaintances. This property has seen its share of well-known guests, including playing host to a meeting of US governors in 1924. On June 15, 2000, this beautiful property was added to the National Register of Historic Places. 

The Hauntings

Impressive ghostly activities has been reported by many professional ghost hunting groups and guests/staff at the inn. Eerie feelings are reported on the staircase, and doors have been seen opening and closing entirely on their own. Many have heard whispering in the hallways and by the stairs. Some guests have even described a feeling of a ghostly presence climbing into their bed late at night. 

One incident describes a guest who heard voices outside his door throughout the night. When he voiced his concern to the front desk he was told the he was the only guest on the floor that night.. In addition, he, too, woke up during the night with the distinct feeling that someone had gotten into the bed with him.

It is believed that a former Lodge Manager, called George Parker, died in the 1950's at the lodge. Reports of loud noises and drums have been heard on the second floor. Many believe that it is George Parker who haunts this Lodge.

Kenilworth Lodge
1610 Lakeview Drive
Sebring, FL 33870

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