Hotel Viking - Newport Rhode Island

​The Haunted Hotel Viking

The History

The glorious 5 storied, luxury Hotel Viking, opened on May 6th, 1926, to grand fanfare and acclaim, celebrated by the whole town of Newport. It at once attracted movie stars, bigwigs of all kinds, dignitaries, Naval officers, and the upper crust of society, bringing much needed money to the city of Newport, through these tourist dollars. It has continued to offer the best in hospitality for 80 years, under the management of several owners, all dedicated to keep the standards and top notch quality, though some guests have the usual complaints that a hotel is bound to receive.

From the 1960s to the 1980s, modest to moderate improvements were made to the Hotel Viking. In 1962, an addition of a free-standing motor inn with an outdoor pool was added to the hotel property. The Hotel Viking changed its name to "The Viking Hotel and Motor Inn". In 1972, yet another free-standing motel was built, with a convention center located on the first floor. In the 1980s, the new ownership of the Viking Hotel and Motor Inn changed the name to simply, "The Viking Hotel", and connected the two free-standing motels to the main building, making one large complex.

By 1998, the Viking Hotel was becoming a real fixer-upper opportunity, in need of real renovation and restoration. The Viking Hotel was put on the real estate market to find a new owner, willing to put in the boatload of money needed to renovate and restore this 1926 era resort hotel. LaSalle Hotels was willing to make the commitment, and purchased the property; lock, stock and barrel. Noble House Hotels and Resorts became the new Management Company. The Viking Hotel began the long road to restoration and renovation with an initial 3 million dollar renovation in 1999. This was followed with a larger effort, using an additional 5 million dollars to update and restore a beautiful public space, the Viking Ballroom, Spa Terre and establish much needed back of the hotel space for events. These improvements greatly increased their wedding, reception and events held at The Viking Hotel, creating another source of needed funds.

Finally, in 2007, a whopping 6.2 million dollars was used to renovate the original rooms.

The Hauntings

The Viking Hotel was the place for lavish parties! Lots of happy energy was apparently sucked into the building.People who enjoy their time spent at a resort or luxury hotel, sometimes like to visit or spend their after-life there as well, enjoying their memories!  

Guests who stay in the back of the hotel have reported being woken up by "phantom parties" – music and laughter happening in the hotel's courtyard but no one is there. For years, guests have heard the disembodied voices and sounds that suggest a big party going on at odd hours of the night and early morning. They complained to the hotel desk, who probably investigated, and found no one alive was responsible. This finding is said to be of a residual type haunting.

After renovations in 2007, the location of the spectral party seems to have changed to the hotel’s lower levels. Cold spots, flickering lights, moving objects, voices and footsteps are among the eerie experiences also reported throughout the hotel.

The Hotel Viking 
One Bellevue Avenue
Newport, RI 02840 



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