Hot Lake Springs - La Grande Oregon

The Haunted Hot Lake Springs

The History
Built in 1864 near hot thermal springs at the foot of a large bluff, Hot Lake Springs has had many lifetimes of purpose. Originally a wooden structure, by 1908 it was replaced with a brick hotel with bath houses for therapeutic use. In 1917 a Dr. Phy purchased it and it became the Hot Lake Sanatorium. By the 1920's it was renown and people came from all over the country. In 1934, there was a huge fire and most of the right side of the structure was destroyed and the 300 room hotel was closed for business. Repaired, the building became a pilot and nursing training center, a resort again, then a nursing home, an asylum and in the 1970's a short-lived restaurant/night club. It sat abandoned for many years. 

Several owners tried to restore the property over the years but failed to gain community support and none were successful. The building was abandoned, looted, and ready to fall in on itself. The Manuel family began restoring Hot Lake Springs in 2003. After seven years of restoration work, they have successfully turned this property into beautiful bed and breakfast with guest rooms, a spa, restaurant and a museum. Can it also be a phenomenon collection of hauntings to be observed?

The Hauntings

Many see apparitions of people they feel must be former vacationers. Even more witnesses have seen an apparition of a man wearing work clothes. It is believed this ghost is probably a former gardener who committed suicide on the property. Yet other witnesses state they have seen apparitions of people who most likely were patients during the time the building was used as an asylum.

The hotel that now sits there has reports of haunting piano music roaming the halls, although there is no piano anymore. To this day people hear this piano playing by itself. When the resort first opened a piano formally owned by Robert E. Lee’s wife was acquired and placed on the hotel’s third floor, and it is rumored to be haunted before it even reached the Hot Springs. The previous owner got rid of it and later killed himself. A gardener hanged himself behind the building, and numerous reports of ghosts lingering by the gazebo out front and on the lake itself surface regularly. 

One time owner Donna Pattee, her husband and their caretaker Richard Owens had several strange experiences while they lived on the hotel’s second floor in the 1970s. They often heard screams and crying coming from what was once the hospitals surgery room. They also saw rocking chairs moving of their own accord. 

There have been many explainable car crashes beside the lake, and ominous heavy fog that appears out of nowhere.

Hot Lake Springs
66172 OR-203
La Grande, OR 97850

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