Haunted Inns

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There is nothing more chilling and exhilarating than staying in a spirited lodging location. Not only can you investigate until late to capture the essence of the night.... but you never know if you will be awaken by those that are not on the innkeeper's payroll! These small inns appreciate and know their properties. Capture the moment, relive the history that once were surrounded by the walls that exist, and add to the tales and experiences told by many that have dared to stay in their property. 

We hope to introduce you to the most perfectly spirited lodgings. Look over the inns listed, bed and breakfasts, hotels, resorts and maybe even campgrounds. You many want to use the filters on the top of the page to select the State you wish to visit. All are in different parts of our country, but all have takes wanting to be told from other dimensions. 



We ask that you always show courtesy and good judgment in visiting these properties. Respect property lines and trespassing limitations.  There is no doubt that the best way to experience a haunted property is to book a stay and live the story within its spirits. While there, speak to the innkeepers or other guests to understand how the spirits will best communicate or interact with the living. This is an important part of any investigation, and you will have full access to this while you are staying there. 

Disclaimer:  Haunted Travels USA has obtained information about haunted activity for our listed inns from historical records, documented journals, claims/interviews from previous guests and/or innkeepers/property managers. We do not represent the inn or offer any guarantee that you will find the same activity as presented here. 


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