Haunted Cincinnati Tours - Cincinnati Ohio

Haunted Cincinnati Tours

On our ghost tours, YOU become the Ghost Hunter!  Go deep inside the history, legendary stories, and paranormal claims at some of the most actively haunted locations in the area.   This is no ordinary ghost tour. We are known for being authentic. The tour is dark and sometimes a little more than scary. This is not a tour where you will ride around for hours staring out the windows. It is also not a tour where your guide will dress in a funny costume or people will jump out of the bushes to scare you. You will personally investigate some of the most actively haunted sites in the city with ghost hunting equipment we provide. The tour is approximately 3 hours in length. Some of the locations we will visit are notorious, while others are not as well known. Each location has been thoroughly researched and investigated to provide an extremely authentic experience. We cannot guarantee that any of the sites visited on the tour will produce a supernatural occurrence or ghostly phenomenon, but we cannot guarantee that they won't either.
Strange and mysterious things have happened during tours in the past. This tour begins and ends at Fountain Square in Downtown Cincinnati. You may use the ghost hunting equipment provided by the group. 

Tour route includes
The Taft Museum
Eden Park
Washington Park
Music Hall.

Tour Information
Tour takes approximately 3 hours
 Price per person: $25 
 The Tour begins and ends in Fountain Square
Other specifics
You will be departing the bus several times to access outdoor locations 
(Dress accordingly)
Total walking 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile

Haunted Cincinnati Tours
520 Vine St
Cincinnati, Ohio 45205

(513) 394-8687


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