​Ghost Tours of Historic Frederick - Frederick Maryland

Ghost Tours of Historic Frederick

About the location the explore....

The city’s scars are indelible - establishing Frederick as "One of the most haunted cities in the United States and 'The Most Haunted City' in the state of Maryland." The Maryland Heritage Tours presents the history (through it's hauntings) of the Frederick Maryland. Founded in 1745, Fredericktown, as it was known, was originally a distant, isolated outpost for hardy pioneers heading west to the frontier. Frederick was home to Francis Scott Key, author of the "Star Spangled Banner;" Maryland’s first governor, Thomas Johnson; Civil War Heroine, Barbara Fritchie; as well as, controversial Supreme Court Justice, Roger Brooke Taney. Frederick also played host to such notable figures as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin and Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Today, the past is very much alive in historic Frederick in more ways than one. Rich is history, fact, and folklore, Frederick continues to tantalize and intrigue its visitors. Seemingly holding time at ransom, Frederick continues to be a postmortem of something that  once was. A city that is indeed a respiratory of the dead, of a past that refuses to relinquish all her secrets, for they endure for the fascination of all who dare to investigate those who refuse to believe in their own demise. War, murder, suicide and pestilence, all have contributed to Frederick's seemingly endless supply of residue energy.

About the Touring Group...

"Reaching Out and Touching The Imagination"

The "Historic District Tour" provides a night-time excursion through Maryland's most haunted city. Direct from the "Archives of the Dead!", hear about gruesome acts of revenge, horrific deeds, spiteful exploits, blood-thirsty mobs, embalming the dead, and so much more!  Woven through historical accounts, and true documented stories of the paranormal, experience the strange and the bizarre, discover the unknown, and let your imagination run wild, all this and so much more on your Candlelight Tour of Frederick’s Historic District.

In addition, the following tours are offered:
Ghost Tours
Cemetery Tours
Civil War Tours

Schedule Differs. 
Please see website or call group. 
Lasts about 90 minutes

Ghost Tour: 1.2 Miles
Cemetery Tour: 0.9 Miles

For parties of less than eight, reservations are not required, but may be closed out. (Please call ahead to be sure). Tickets can be purchased from tour guides beginning 30-minutes before tour begins in front of Brewer's Alley Restaurant and Brewery. No reservations required except for parties of 8 or more. Your ticket will honor a 10% off your dinner and beverages at the "Brewer's Alley Restaurant & Brewery". 

 (May change without published notification. Contact Group.)
Cash or Check only.
Adult:            10.00
Senior (62+):         8.00
Active Military: 8.00
Students (Age 7-12): 5.00
Tipping your personal tour guide is appropriate, and appreciated.

GHOST TOUR: In front of Brewer's Alley Restaurant and Brewery
CEMETERY TOURS: In front of the main gate to Mount Olivet Cemetery. 

Ghost Tours of Historic Frederick
124 N Market St
Frederick, Maryland 21701

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