General Stanton Inn - Charlestown Rhode Island

The Haunted General Stanton Inn

The History:

In more than 200 years of history, the General Stanton Inn has only had six owners since the time the Native American owned the land. The history of the Inn started with Thomas Stanton. At the age of 20, Thomas came to America from England and settled in Stonington, Connecticut. In 1655, the land was given to Stanton, an interpreter for the Native American tribes in the region, as a show of gratitude. The General Stanton Inn still embraces some of its charm and original atmosphere, with the low ceilings, flaring fireplaces, brick ovens, and hand-hewn timbers. There are many things within it's walls reminiscent of bygone days when our ancestors were in such close contact with the tribes of Naragansetts, who roamed the hills of South County the Niante who were located in Charlestown, and the Manisees who controlled Block Island. General Stanton and his family are buried in the family cemetery located on the grounds of the Inn. The Stanton family owned the Inn for over 200 years.

The Hauntings:

The Inn was featured on the SciFi Channel show "Ghost Hunters" in October 2007. The program, and a related article in the New York Daily News, featured purported ghost sightings and encounters at the General Stanton Inn and the nearby General Stanton cemetery. People have reported everything from strange noises and sensations to actual apparitions at the General Stanton Inn, one of the hot spots for paranormal activity being the Washington Room. A male ghost has been spotted here, and people have reported being touchedâ??often tapped on the shoulderâ??by something otherworldly in both the Washington Room and Williamsburg Room. But most spirit activity at the General Stanton Inn is what many would consider mild and well-mannered, so stay the night and arrange for a proper tour. It will be quuite educational. 

4115 Old Post Road
Charlestown, RI  02813


Phone:  (401) 364-8888

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