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Founded in 2003, ​the Clermont Paranormal and Metaphysics Research Society is a massively growing network of professional investigators, researchers and scientists dedicated to the study and the advancement of further knowledge of all things anomalous, paranormal and especially circumstance of high strangeness.  With not only paranormal researches, we also have a network of spiritual and psychic mediums, metaphysicians, spiritual ministers & teachers, media journalists, law enforcement agencies, medical doctors, psychologists, parapsychologists, anthropologists, archaeologists, ufologists, hypnotherapists, cryptozoologists and holistic practitioners. 

Clermont Paranormal is unlike the popular view of what we are all used to seeing through entertainment. They state that they are about the science of metaphysics, a Para-Anthropological approach to search for evidence of anomalous, paranormal or psychical phenomenon within the context of consciousness and the human condition. They follow a scientific and forensic approach and not simply search for evidence that supports mankind's personal beliefs and viewpoints void of outdated powerful superstitious beliefs. They practice and research in the metaphysical sciences have taught them that there is a strict boundary and decorum involved when it comes to this type of work. They are essentially trying to bring empowerment back to humanity, allowing them to have full control or their lives. They approach each case with grounded theories of quantum and physics and strict forensic science. They believe it is the basis of reality and the fabric of which we all exist. 

Their home is located in the rolling hills of Clermont, Florida which is the geographical center of the state located in the area of US Highway 27 and State Rd 50. They cover a majority of the Central Florida area and occasionally partake in long investigational road trips. Their mission is to help those who may think that their home or place of business is experiencing anomalous or paranormal activity. They conduct all of their investigations with advanced methods and treat all investigations with the utmost highest scientific and moral integrity. They use forensic methods and protocols used in federal, state and local law enforcement programs. The believe the client comes first and foremost. 

Their stated mission is to help the client(s) or witnesses and also help the spirit(s), if their evidence proves their existence for them to cross over. They want to help their clients regain and claim their power of being back and to also explain the causes of anything unexplainable they may be experiencing.

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