Castle Hill Inn - Newport Rhode Island

The Haunted ​Castle Hill Inn

The History

The location for Castle Hill originally had a watch house as early as 1740 when it was used to watch the sea for ships during the war between Britain and Spain.  The Americans used the same location during the Revolutionary War to bombard British ships as they passed.  

In 1874, Alexander Agassiz, an explorer and scientist settled here to better study the marine life.  It was not only his home but a lab that housed research students as well.Agassiz’s wife, whom he had loved dearly, died at an early age.

The Hauntings

There is a girl spirit here who may have some connection to the original owner, Agassiz.  The ghost has appeared to various staff members over the last 25 years. She is reported to throw a bit of a tantrum now and then and has trashed some of the china on occasion.

The Castle Hill (Agassiz) Inn
590 Ocean Ave
Newport, Rhode Island 02840



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