Cassadaga Hotel & Psychic Center - Cassadaga Florida

The History

The Cassadaga Hotel & Psychic Center is a beautiful hotel and sanctuary built in 1927. This beautifully designed hotel stands within the mysterious City of Cassadaga, which is a Spiritualist community that is 119 years old and is located in Central Florida. The current hotel was constructed in the year of 1928. Despite its age, the establishment exhibits a beauty and an aura of mystery that instantly attracts visitors to the community. 

There are many reasons why the Cassadaga Hotel is considered to be one of the most popular haunted places in Florida, but the main reason is that it stands in the mysterious town of Cassadaga, which provides a location for individuals to reside that are part of the Spiritualist Movement. The town seems to be preserved in its natural and earliest state, despite its age. The town is often identified as “The Psychic Center of the World”. Just a few hundred individuals reside in the small community, but, it is believed that several hundred others that have passed on from this life to the next are still drawn to the community, in spiritual form. This is especially true when it comes to the Cassadaga Hotel.

The Hauntings

One of the most popular ghost stories of the Cassadaga Hotel is identified among the locals as “Arthur”. According to those that know of Arthur and the story of his life, he was a friendly man of Irish descent that lived in the room 22 within the Cassadaga Hotel during the 1930s. It was very common of the man to place a chair at the end of the hall, so that he could look out of a window situated in that area. When sitting in this area of the establishment, he would often have a drink of gin and smoke a cigar. Arthur continued to reside in the hotel until his death; however, several accounts throughout history from a wide number of people claim that Arthur’s spirit still lingers throughout the establishment. It is not uncommon to catch a fleeting glimpse of a presence, or feel a presence. Many claim to smell gin and cigars. In some instances, people feel a tapping sensation on the shoulder, only to discover that they are alone.

In other stories, guests to the Cassadaga Hotel have found themselves experiencing various signs of paranormal activity. In some cases, individuals have felt the presence of someone near them, when – in fact – they were completely alone. At times, strange and unusual occurrences have been experienced. Many have discovered items moved within their room and have observed objects acting abnormally – such as flickering lights. According to the locals, the spirits at the Cassadaga Hotel are more than likely previous individuals that resided within the community as the hotel has hosted a lot of activities since opening its doors. The spirits seem to welcome the ambience of the hotel. The ghosts seem to be playful and welcoming.

The Cassadaga Hotel presents itself as a spiritual retreat and haven for those seeking higher counsel and spiritual healing. They invite you to share the experience.

355 Cassadaga Road
Cassadaga, Florida 32706

(386) 228 - 2323

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