Captain Grant's 1754 Inn - Preston Connecticut

The History

In 1754, Captain William Grant built a "suitable" home in Poquetanuck Village for his beloved wife Mercy and their children. Even though Captain Grant later died at sea, the abode served the family well -- Mercy lived there well into her 80s, followed by three generations of Grants. According to the inn's website, during the Revolutionary War, soldiers of the Continental Army were garrisoned there; during the Civil War, escaped slaves were sheltered there. The house underwent a significant renovation in the mid 1990s, and now features numerous named rooms, six working fireplaces and a three-story porch. Poquetanuck's first cemetery is also located behind the inn.

The property encompasses three historical buildings. The original, known as "The Home" is on the National Register of Historic Places. It remains a stately beauty in this 1687 Village. Experience the stone walls and walkways, lush greenery, and a glimpse of life in 1754.The second building, known as "The Avery Home" which lies adjacent to the main Inn. The Avery Home was built in 1790 and is also on the National Register of Historic Places. It is the home where the Holly and Margaret Rooms are located. Both of these rooms feature wood burning fireplaces. Holly has a whirlpool tub. The third, "The Stagecoach Inn", was built in 1790. The Inn, a repose for travelers in days past is now a short term vacation rental. The 1st and 2nd floors can be rented separately or together depending on your needs. 

The Hauntings

In 2003, CNN declared on Halloween that Captain Grant's was one of the places to stay if you'd like to encounter a ghost. Other media exposure included an appearance on A&E's Psychic Kids and If Walls Could Talk. Part of its suspected activity may be explained by the cemetery located right behind the inn, which incidentally was the first cemetery in historic Poquetanuck Village. The cemetery contains the departed members of the Whipple and Gallup family. On October 31st you can stay at the inn and get a tour of Poquetanuck Cemetery and St. James Cemetery. St. James cemetery is right across the street from the inn and is where Mercy Adelaide Avery; the inn’s most famous spirit is buried. She haunts the inn, waiting in vain for her beloved husband; Captain William Grant (who was lost at sea) to return home. Adelaide has a room named after her and has made it a habit to pull the shower curtain off it’s rod even after it is glued and nailed on. She sometimes appears at the foot of the bed holding the hands of two children and turns the television on and off. Adelaide has also been seen on the inn’s main staircase After visiting the cemetery, come back to the inn and enjoy pumpkin bread and hot spiked cider while listening to the inn’s many ghost stories. After a long night’s rest, enjoy the inn’s all you can eat breakfast then follow a tour guide out to Poquetanuck Cemetery number 17.

Stories tell that once  a teenage boy had the scare of his life when he shouted; “Is anyone here?” while standing in the cemetery. Right after a mist proceeded to come out of one of the gravestones. One of the other resident ghosts of the inn, a little girl named Deborah Adams is buried in the cemetery. She has also been seen in the Adelaide room and made a non believing employee change her mind when she walked right through her.

Other odd things occur at the inn too, things disappear, loud bangs are heard and disembodied voices whisper throughout the rooms.

Captain Grant's 1754
109-111 Poquetanuck Rd
Preston, CT 06365

(860) 887-7589


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