Ben Lomond Suites - Ogden Utah

The Haunted Ben Lomond Suites

The History

Originally called the Reed Hotel, what is known today as The Ben Lomond Hotel was originally built in 1891. In 1927, the hotel was completely renovated and renamed the Bigelow Hotel. In 1931, new owners renamed it for the second time to the Ben Lomond Hotel. Back in the time of it's inception,it was the tallest structure in the town of Ogden. When researching the history, one will discover that this hotel is considered to be the most popular and grand businesses that provide lodging to customers in the State of Utah. Furthermore, the Ben Lomond Hotel is the only business of its type that actually operates as a functional business to travelers and locals alike. 

Legend tells the darker history of this magnificent hotel. At one time it was used as a type of boarding house. The characters that interacted in, around and even underneath the hotel were less tha prominent and socially prestigious During the time of the ever-popular Prohibition, several individuals came together in order to construct a tunnel that could be use for the purpose and intent of smuggling various types of alcohol and other crimes. It was not at all unusual for one to witness those who indulged in criminal activity, prostitutes, and even those involved in gangs and drugs to linger in and out of the hotel. The downtown area actually has a series of "catacombs" that run under the streets. These tunnels allowed organized crime in the city to move drugs, alcohol and prostitutes around without detection. Supposedly this tunnel system connects up to Ben Lomond Hotel. While debatable, many claim that Al Capone himself stayed at the hotel more than  a few times. During his stays, the famous gangster supposedly ordered the deaths of certain people, which was carried out in the basement of the hotel.

Another legend involves two separate tragedies involving a two mothers and their son. The first story, took place in room 1102, where a lady who was spending her honeymoon at the spectacular hotel. The night of her wedding, something happened and she ended up dying by the means of drowning in the tub that is in the room. Later on, it is said, the son came to the hotel in order to acquire his mother’s personal items and to be told of the accident. He was permitted to stay in the room beside where his mother passed, 1101. The man was so distraught to hear of his mother’s tragic fate, that he became severely depressed. The night that he stayed in the room, he elected to take his life in an effort to join his mother. 

The second "mother's son" tragedy story, involved Mrs. Eccles. While living in the Ben Lomond, she awaited for her son to return from WWII. Shen she learned he had died, she was so grief stricken, she let herself waste away in her room. 

By the way, even though the building has 13 flights, there is no 13th floor. 

The Hauntings

Not surprisingly, The\is historic hotel is said to be haunted and all activity is connected to the ghostly stories and legend associated with it. Room 1101 and 1102 is very active paranormally. In 1101, Guests who have stayed in the room have documented many unusual events, such as the water in the tub of the room running, attempting to fill the tub. Many have had physical encounters in which it felt as if they were being physically pushed by an unseen force. In 1102, there are several accounts of voices as if someone is talking, visions of physical apparitions, and even personal encounters in which visitors and staff has come face to face with these tormented souls. 

The ghost of Ms Eccles also lingers within the hotel. Unusual events that have been reported include an elevator that stops at floors when no button has been pushed and calls coming from room 1106 to the front desk – when no one is staying in room 1106! The line just goes dead.

The elevators are highly targeted by many of it's spirits, not just Ms Eccles. Despite the fact that no one is operating the elevator, it is said that they often seem to operate on their own. This includes moving up and down the floors, and even stopping on certain floors with absolutely no direction from the living. In the night hours when staff is on duty, they will often report the elevator opening in the area of the lobby, and then traveling to the tenth floor of the structure. While there, it remains for quite a long time.

Ben Lomond Suites
2510 Washington Boulevard
Ogden, UT 84401

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