Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast - King George Virginia

The Haunted Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast

The History
This plantation has been around for 344 years and the home has been here for 223 years, built in 1791. During this time, the people that have passed through the plantation have left their mark on it. It is these marks that have made Belle Grove the plantation it is today.In its three hundred plus years,  There was a house here prior to that which was part of the Conway family complex. The Conway family lived here from 1670 to 1790. This was the family that James Madison's mother (Nelly) is from. She was born and raised here. later meeting James Madison Sr. here when he came to ship tobacco.  Then, she returned here to her mother’s home to have her son, James Madison Jr, who later became our fourth President was born on the property. 

Unfortunately,  Madison's house later burned. The center section of what was to become a handsome white frame mansion was built on its foundation in 1791.There were two houses here and the foundations still exist today. They are buried underground and we are hoping to get an archaeological dig done sometime. The center section of the current home was built in 1791 for a young girl named Fannie Hipkins. She got married at age 14, she had 4 children and she died here in 1801. She and a number of her family members are buried in the plantation's front yard. The house transferred to many different people. One of the people who made the biggest impact on the house was Carolinus Turner. He came in 1839 and died in 1876 but his family owned it until 1894. They were here during the Civil War. In fact, the Union Army came here and forced the family out of the house. They took the house and the livestock but the Army allowed their 9 year old son George to keep his horse. The Union Army did hold the house as a headquarters during the Civil War and was a stopover for the regiment pursuing John Wilkes Booth after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination in Ford’s Theatre.The last people to own it prior to the current owner was the Hooker family. They were here from 1930 to 1987. The last resident lived in the house in 1981 when she passed away in the plantation.

Later, the house fell into disrepair. The house was bought by the current family who are from Vienna, Austria and they actually restored it in 1997, investing $3.5 million into the house to restore it completely. The house is completely original with the exception of the plaster and the colors on the wall. The house was completed in 2003 and stood vacant until 2013 when the current innkeepers, Michelle and Brett Donnards, moved in. . Today, it stands as a historical gem.

The Hauntings

No greater validation can come than that of the people that experience this space on a daily basis! The innkeepers of The Belle Grove Plantation write on their website, "Is Belle Grove Plantation Haunted? Many people and paranormal teams have tried to answer this questions. Even the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters has investigated. All that come away have the same answer . . . there is definitely something there.We have seen apparitions. We have heard voices and sounds. We have seen a ball of light in broad daylight! We have photographs that just can’t be explained." 

Among the incredible volume of evidence that has been gathered, one of great interest is the witnessing of a lady dressed in white standing in the balcony. In addition, an African–American woman in a yellow dress wearing a turban step out of the kitchen carrying something. In addition, another apparition of a Union soldier walking past the spectator so clearly that the color of his hair was defined.

The Candlelight Ghost Walk Tours

They do offer special events to embrace their spirituality. They write, "Come join our Friday and Saturday night Candlelight Ghost Walk Tour to see and hear about the experiences and stories of the plantation. This is a family friendly tour for people and spirits of all ages. Our tour gives you a walk about of the plantation grounds as our guide explains the different experiences and a little history of this 1670 historic plantation. We encourage you to bring your digital camera on our tour and snap some photos. You never know what will show up!"

Don't hesitate. These tours require reservations due to their popularity. The Candlelight Ghost Walk Tours is conducted by an in character guide who will lead you around Belle Grove Plantation and Emmanuel Episcopal Church cemetery by candlelight while sharing eerie and true stories of ghostly experiences that have occurred on this historic plantation. It is family friendly but not able to accommodate pets. There will be no “spirit actors” that will jump out.  

There is a cancellation policy, so please check their web site and confirm the event's schedule. The Candlelight Ghost Walk Tour is an outside tour. Walking and standing is involved. If the event is rained out, they will offer a full refund or schedule you to the next available Candlelight Ghost Walk Tour. To help them start on time, the organizers ask that you arrive only 15 minutes early. 

Start Time
7pm sharp

$10.00 – Adults
$5.00 – Children 5 and under

Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast
9221 Belle Grove Dr
King George, Virginia 22485

Visit their WEBSITE

(540) 621-7340



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