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American Ghost Adventures

About the location they explore....

In the shadows of the castles lies American Ghost Adventures.This is not just another walk in the dark. Learn about the history, hear ghost stories and go inside haunted places. That's right, go inside haunted buildings and go ghost hunting! This is an interactive tour that allows you to use equipment to make contact with the other side.

Your experienced guide will lead you through historic downtown Orlando and enlighten you with tales of Orlando's shady past. Be entwined with unsolved mysteries, scandalous tales and become an amateur ghost hunter as we take you inside some of these haunted buildings.  Guests are issued ghost hunting equipment an invited to bring their own equipment too. You never know what your camera might catch and no two tours are ever the same. 

About the Touring Group..

The AGA team is beyond the question of “Are there ghost?” They actually are studying them and making communications with them. Their locations provide us with a research facility that  actually allow us to make communications with the same spirits on a daily bases. They will offer you a fun filled experience with some meaningful insight to the other side.  Remember, American Ghost Adventures, is where the paranormal is normal and you’re on one of the top 10 ghost tours of the world!

The Schedule
(Please contact and verify current schedule)
Schedule may differ. Please see website or call group. 
Tours start at 8pm and run for about 2 hours

The following tours are offered
Downtown Orlando Tours
Haunted Pub Tour of Orlando Florida
Special Events
Customized personal events

Buy tickets by 5pm for same day tour. 

(May change without published notification)
Ticket price $30 per person for regular tours
Children (6-12 years) $20
(Cash transactions only)  

Harry Buffalo
129 W Church Street
Orlando FL 32801

American Ghost Adventures
129 West Church Street
Orlando, FL 32801

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Visit their Website

(407) 256-6225


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