Allegan (Elks) Lodge - Allegan Michigan

The Haunted Allegan (Elks) Lodge

The History

This beautiful Greek revival structure was built in 1909 and began its existence as the John Robinson Hospital in Allegan, Michigan. Al Capone is reported to have used its services. It was used as a psychiatric and TB hospital until its closure in 1948. It changed hands many times and did remain vacant for a time until it was purchased as a lodge for the Elks in 1961 and then bought by Shelia Deever (innkeeper of the Allegan Country Inn) in June 2010. She has been attempting to fix up the place, using revenue from scheduled paranormal investigations to do so. 

The Hauntings

For many years, stories of spirits who restlessly roam the building have been told by employees and visitors. Some of the activity experienced here include: cabinets opening up by themselves in the kitchen, sounds of children laughing, photographic anomalies captured throughout the building, shadow figures in the basement (where the morgue was located), indiscernible conversations, knocking on the front door and ringing of the doorbell when no one was present, footsteps, sound of hospital activity long after being used as one, full bodied apparitions of children. Investigators have even reported being slapped in the face, ear pinched and glasses displaced.

Allegan (Elks) Lodge
701 Marshall St.
Allegan, MI 49010

Contact Information
Contact owner:  Shelia Deever
Innkeeper of the Allegan Country Inn

(269) 673-5656

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