Agustin Inn Bed and Breakfast - St. Augustine Florida

The Haunted Agustin Inn Bed and Breakfast

The History

The two-story Victorian-modeled residence at 29 Cuna was constructed somewhere between the years 1899 and 1904. The property appeared on the University of Florida’s insurance map completed in the year 1904. The original home had two brick stucco chimneys, a gable roof and was planned in an L shape model. Over the years the property has undergone major remodeling and frame modifications – including a third level and an elevator in recent years.

The residence at 29 Cuna was first constructed by Bernard Masters, a wealthy cattleman and business man who built numerous houses in the North City section of St Augustine and on Cuna Street. His granddaughter occupied the residence for many years. Members of the Masters family descend from Minorcan colonists who migrated from New Smyrna Beach, Fl to St Augustine in 1777. Other occupants of the home over the years include: Mrs. J.F. Guilmartin, superintendent of the Women’s Exchange, and William W. Haskell, branch manager of the Jacksonville Journal.

Haunted History:

Some believe that the ground floor guest room is haunted by a ghost of a man with white hair and a beard, wearing a white suite. he St. Augustine Colonial Revival-style.

When the inn was a private residence, it was home to, Chiles,  a former owner’s boyfriend. He went through a period of making thumping and bumping noises and tinkering with the lights, perhaps to show his displeasure of the family who inherited the house. In life, he did not get along with his lady-friend’s relatives. The family sold the house and the new owners had some experiences with Chiles as well and had the house exorcised.  It would be fascinating to validate if Chiles is still there. 

29 Cuna Street
St. Augustine Florida



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