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Haunted Florida USA

September 19, 2015

~  Haunted Florida USA  ~Amongst all the vacation destinations that you can find haunted places in, Florida is the last place most people will think of. But don't forget that behind the paradise beaches, luxury condos and Disney fun, the state of Florida has the oldest history in the country, and some of the most strange legacies in the world, which makes for some significant haunts.Think of it, this is where many have come to "find a new life", when considering the pirates and modern day people that are finding sanctuary from proximal lands of tyrany. In addition, consider the many that spent their last days of their lives to live in sunshine, one of the hottest choices for retirement relocation. Most of all, consider the historical pages that were made possible by those that explored and found the beauties of Florida, starting with the many Native American territories that were established years before European explorers found this peninsula.From the antiquity of St. Augustine,...

Haunted Kentucky USA

August 29, 2015

​EXPLORING AMERICA: Haunted Kentucky USA  .Of all the states in the Upper South, Kentucky may be the most haunted. Snuggled in the land of the legendary Hatfields and McCoy's feuds, ghostly caves, abandoned mines and untamed mountains, strange things are at work. Many areas of the state ride that fine edge between civilization and wilderness, between wealth and poverty. The ghost stories replicate this temperament, all edging between frightening and pleasant visitations. Find tales of the spirits that lurk the Appalachian foothills and the documented historical journals of supernatural documented cases. The ghosts in Kentucky still walk, attracting travelers, ghost hunters and enthusiasts from all over the country. Let this provide a starting launch pad and blue print to visit this magnificent Blue Grass State and all that lurk within her!Documented Haunts in KentuckyBrown Hotel in LouisvelleGeorge Clarke House Bed and Breakfast in LexingtonJailer's Inn Bed and Breakfast in...

Welcome to Haunted Travels

October 1, 2014 Welcome to Haunted Travels

Welcome to our world. This is where all the components needed for discovering the mysteries of the haunted come together. We present the experts, the locations and the history to make sure that your paranormal destinations meet your every expectation. Only the local people can prepare you for the experiences that you which to have, for they know the triggers, the approaches and the details that make ghost hunting successful.We invite you to explore by regions or by events. Both will open up new gateways to the dimensions that that will ultimately lead you to the perfect get-away.  Make sure to tell others about this website and share your experience, right on this blog, so that others will find them as well.